Just Get Backup is a managed services provider that specializes in data access, security and protection. The primary focus is the understanding that next to the customer, your data is the most valuable asset you maintain. Ensuring that you have total access and total protection of this data, without effort, is the value in our managed services. We will focus on your data so that you can focus on your business.

syncedIT Services

syncedIT provides file sync between PCs and mobile devices. syncedIT enables business users to sync sensitive corporate files between laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and the web. syncedIT makes it possible for users to access all of their files on any device and to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and business partners.

securedIT Services

securedIT provides network security and monitoring services. Ease compliance concerns by providing hardware and software inventory control, device management and monitoring, as well as user management and monitoring.

savedIT Services

savedIT provides managed online backup services. Just ask yourself the following few questions and consider how managed and online backup will assist your business today.